Markets and Gardens

As the local food scene in Atlanta continues to grow and expand, Farmers’ Markets have begun popping up across the City. Farmers’ Markets are temporary markets that bring local, healthy, and frequently affordable food to residents in temporary, frequently outdoor markets. All farmers’ markets in the City are required to sell produce that can be locally transported to the market so these markets are able to provide you with healthy, fresh, and sustainable produce. Make sure you pay attention to the hours and season of operation, though, because not all markets stay open year round.

Benefit Programs

Farmers’ Markets across the City are committed to bringing you affordable local food. In order to accomplish this mission, most farmers’ markets accept EBT cards and SNAP benefits. To check and make sure that your farmers’ market accepts SNAP benefits, visit their website or contact your local SNAP benefits office.

In addition to accepting SNAP benefits, many farmers’ markets in the City work with Wholesome Wave GA to let you double your SNAP benefits. Simply bring your SNAP benefit cards to these markets and use your card to get double your points. Wholesome Wave GA markets are too good to not take advantage of and an essential part of bringing healthy, affordable food to all residents. In addition, some markets will also offer coupons or discounts for many SNAP programs. Georgia Citizens’ Coalition on Hunger offers coupons for WIC benefits at all of their markets within the City.

How Do I Start a Farmers’ Market?

Farmers’ Markets are a permissible operation in the City of Atlanta. New markets will require a Standard Administrative Permit from the Office of Planning that will be reviewed by the Office of Sustainability. The Application is available here and includes instructions on how to apply. Completed applications should be filed with the Office of Planning and usually take 30 days to review and approve. There is a $250.00 fee to file a Standard Administrative Permit for a farmers’ market.


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