Urban Agriculture

Dear Citizens of Atlanta,

I am honored to serve as the first Urban Agriculture Director for the City of Atlanta. In my new position I will be able to improve local policies in support of urban food production, assist with brownfield redevelopment, and help community members seeking to establish and sustain community gardens, farmers markets, and food hubs.

Part of my role is to be a full-time technical resource for community gardens. With the recent passing of a city ordinance to enable community gardens, I will be tasked with reviewing applications for new community garden projects. Part of my role will be to streamline that process internally so it will be easier for urban farmers to comply with local land use laws. In an effort to answer questions before they are asked, one of my first initiatives will be to develop a guide for urban farmers to navigate city regulations so they can focus their efforts on growing food, rather than deciphering rules.

Across the urban landscape of Atlanta there are a variety of uniquely positioned community-based, non-profits promoting urban agriculture who are ready to help. As urban agriculture director, I will be point of connection point for all of these. I will look to sync talent and assets with community resources and needs.



Mario Cambardella PLA ASLA

Urban Agriculture Director