Southface SWEET Center March 14, 2013


A prime example of adaptive building reuse, this facility was previously a diaper laundry and an autobody shop. In early 2010, Southface undertook an extensive renovation to the building, equipping it to house the organization’s growing number of weatherization and green building classes, workshops and other training programs. As a result of the renovation, the SWEET Center qualified for an EarthCraft Light Commercial green building certification, with significantly improved energy performance results.

Located at Piedmont and North Avenues in downtown Atlanta, just blocks away from the award-winning Southface Eco Office, the SWEET Center welcomes thousands of building science trainees annually.

It provides practical, hands-on learning opportunities, teaches up-to-date weatherization techniques and testing protocols, and provides access to test equipment like blower doors and infrared cameras, as well as air sealing props, combustion appliance and duct leakage testing, and insulation installation opportunities.

The Southface SWEET Center is one of the first training centers in the nation to be awarded accreditation from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) for our Energy Auditor training program.  Upon successfully completing our program, graduates meeting pre-requisites are prepared to challenge the nationally recognized Home Energy Professional Certifications from the Building Performance Institute based on standard workforce specifications developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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