Power to Change Sustainability Plan October 23, 2014

Cities themselves are partnerships. An interconnected mix of economy, lives and lifestyles that form Atlanta’s personality: at work, at home, at play. As Atlanta grows forward, our sustainability culture will continue to be built by our people and our interconnected actions. That’s why Power to Change is such an exciting step forward. Power to Change is based on a continuous inventory of wins across Ten Sustainability Impact Areas. From improving our Air Quality -to sustainable choices in Transportation & Mobility- to maximizing Community Health & Vitality, we continue to discover new success each and every day.

Today Atlanta is achieving in sustainability -as resident stakeholders and through hundreds of local organizations representing government, business, academics, non-profits and citizens. Each and every time we share our achievements and passions, we inspire more change. We win when we act together. You’ll learn more about impacts, initiatives and innovations that define Atlanta’s evolving sustainability story in the pages ahead. And we hope you too will be inspired to new action. And continued change for the better is what Atlanta is all about. Imagine what we can do together as one city with one plan.

The Power to Change is in your hands.

Ready. Set.  Realize.

Power to Change was finalized in the Spring of 2014 and accounts for the contributions of over 300 stakeholder organizations.

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