August – City of Atlanta Joins Workplace Charging Challenge August 7, 2014

The City of Atlanta’s provision of workplace charging builds upon a larger strategy to improve transportation in the region and provide sustainable transportation options. The first component focuses on increasing the adoption of alternative transportation methods including walking, biking, public transportation, car-sharing, and alternative workplace strategies such as teleworking.

The second component focuses on promoting the adoption of low emission and zero emission vehicle technologies including electric vehicles, CNG’s, biofuels and other emerging technologies. This also involves spearheading plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption in the city.

“Atlanta has seen tremendous growth in PEV adoption from our citizens, but to meet driver demand, PEV charging locations must be available and accessible at major destinations, such as employment centers.” said Denise Quarles, Director of Sustainability for the City of Atlanta.

Among the first municipalities to sign on as a partner, the City of Atlanta was ranked second nationally in 2013 for PEV sales in North America, and is proud to be home to a growing number of employers providing PEV infrastructure across Atlanta, including those who are also participating in the Challenge: the Coca-Cola Company, the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Southern Company.

Currently, the City of Atlanta’s Government Center Parking deck houses six chargers for employee and public use.

To learn more about the Workplace Charging Challenge, visit:

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