SolSmart Program

City of Atlanta participating in the SolSmart Program


The City of Atlanta is committed to achieve a SolSmart designation to drive greater solar energy deployment in our community.

Atlanta’s Climate Action Plan sets forth a goal of producing 10% of the City’s energy needs with clean locally generated sources by 2030. As such, the City of Atlanta is committed to finding innovative ways to promote solar energy use by residents and businesses. The SolSmart designation process offers Atlanta the opportunity to conduct a review and analysis of the soft costs associated with the installations of solar throughout the City of Atlanta.

Atlanta intends to make the following actions to achieve the SolSmart designation:

  • Action 1: Develop a streamlined permitting and inspection process for simple PV systems (15 kW or less)
  • Action 2: Create a solar web portal on the City’s web site that provides a one-stop resource for residents and businesses
  • Action 3: Coordinate with the ongoing zoning review process to ensure that improving zoning practices for solar developments are included as part of the revised zoning guidelines

Atlanta will track residential installations throughout and beyond the SolSmart process in order to measure progress toward achieving our 2030 clean energy goal. The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability has also committed a senior staff member and a part-time consultant to work with local and regional stakeholders to improve the environment for solar energy in the City as well as metro Atlanta.

The City of Atlanta looks forward to working with The Solar Foundation toward becoming a SolSmart designated community.