RESOLUTION – Study to Substitute Green Products April 17, 2013

A resolution requesting the bureau of purchasing and real estate to review all products currently being purchased, especially paper products, and identify products where other products with recycled resource content can be substituted without significant impact on existing operations: to make recommendations to the city utilities committee and operating departments on potential substitutions: and to make recommendations to the city utilities committee on the advisability and consequences of providing a 10% preference for products which have a substantial recycled resource content.

Key Points

  • Green products can offer more sustainable purchasing decisions by using recycling materials, cutting back on energy use, requiring less fuel use during shipping, limiting harmful pollutants, or extending the life of the product
  • While green products can sometimes be more expensive, the benefits they offer may provide a competitive cost over their lifetime.  Many green products, including Energy STAR appliances far out perform their less environmentally friendly competitors and offer savings in the long run.
  • This ordinance allows the City to give a purchasing preference to green products, provided the additional cost does not outweigh the benefits.

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