ORDINANCE – Scrap Tire Enforcement April 17, 2013

An Ordinance to introduce a revised scrap tire procedures and requirements ordinance to be inserted into the City Code at Chapter 130 (Solid Waste Management), at Article II and titled Scrap Tire Enforcement beginning at currently Reserved Code Sections 13028 through 13036

Atlanta City Councilmembers Joyce M. Sheperd and Felicia Moore joined Governor Nathan Deal on Tuesday for the signing of House Bill 226, which requires Department of Environmental Protection-issued decals for used and scrap tire carriers, as well as lowering the amount of scrap tires that may be stored by a person in this state.The bill also allows for the establishment of a solid waste trust fund that will be used to implement the provisions of a scrap tire management program in the state, particularly related to the cleanup of scrap tire disposal piles and facilities, regulation of scrap tire carriers and other handlers, and disbursement of grants and loans to cities, counties, and other persons to aid in cleaning up illegal dump sites.

The bill was sponsored by State Representatives Randy Nix of the 69th District, Jon Burns of the 159th District, Jay Roberts of the 155th District, Howard Mosby of the 83rd District and Karla Drenner of the 85th District.

In 2011 the Atlanta City Council formed a tire commission to address the issue of abandoned tires throughout the city.The tire commission formed by Councilmember Sheperd, recommended ways the city of Atlanta might not only manage illegal tire dumping, but also increase the city’s code enforcement efforts to clean up illegal dumping sites.

Sheperd said the commission was instrumental in opening the door for discussion with other agencies and the state on what can be done to address the issue statewide. More here: http://www.joycemsheperd.com/legislation.html


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