Farmer’s Market Ordinance April 17, 2013

A Substitute Ordinance to amend various sections of the Atlanta Zoning Ordinance for the purpose of defining Farmers’ Markets as a permitted use; to provide where and under what conditions such uses shall be permitted.

Key Points

  • This ordinance permits farmers’ markets in all zones, with some limitations, across the City of Atlanta
  • Farmers’ Markets deliver fresh and locally sourced produce in areas that may not have had access to it before
  • Farmer’s Markets can also offer economically affordable options– many allowing the use of SNAP benefits and some utilizing Wholesome Wave Georgia to double your SNAP benefits
  • This ordinance has allowed Farmers’ Markets to sprout up all across the City of Atlanta. Please visit here to find out where your nearest Farmers’ Market is located
  • If you are interested in registering a Farmers’ Market within the City of Atlanta, please contact the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability for information

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