APS – Farm to School March 11, 2013

About Atlanta’s Farm to School Program

Our Mission is to promote the benefits of local, fresh food in our children’s diets and curriculum and to advocate for Atlanta Public Schools policies and leadership that will support sustainable, district-wide Farm to School program. We envision schools that improve students’ health by offering them more fresh food choices; grow their minds with hands-on gardening and food activities; and enhance the livelihood of their families and communities by reconnecting them with where food comes from and supporting the local food economy.

Did you Know?

  • Over 32,500 school children participate in the Atlanta Public School systems school lunch program each day
  • Fresh, healthy, and locally grown food can help children make healthy eating choices while also making more sustainable choices for Atlanta
  • 2,000 school districts in the United States have already adopted farm to school programs
  • Georgia is committed to serving 5 million locally sourced meals to school children across the state this year
  • Schools in the Atlanta region continue to improve and promote their commitment to school children through the farm to school program

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