Electric Vehicles July 2, 2014

Did you know?

Atlanta has a wealth of incentives for EV owners
Georgia Power offers three whole-house rate options for customers with plug-in electric vehicles. These rate options include:

On-Peak – 19.2948¢ per kWh
Off-Peak- 5.8295¢ per kWh
Super Off-Peak – 1.2500¢ per kWh

More here: http://www.georgiapower.com/electricvehicles/

The State of Georgia offers attractive incentives as well

  • $5,000 tax credit for the purchase of a new Zero Emission Vehicle
  • $2,500 tax credit for the purchase and installation of commercial Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • Access to HOV lanes for Zero Emission Vehicles
Total Plug-in Electric Vehicles Registered in Metro Atlanta
2010 3
2011 196
2012 759
2013 4,341
2014 5,100+

The City of Atlanta’s permitting process for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) has been streamlined to aid residents that want to charge their electric vehicles. Regardless of where the EVSE needs to be installed in City of Atlanta, there is a permitting process to ensure the charging equipment will be installed safely.

The Office of Buildings will classify the permitting of your EVSE in one of three categories:

Online Submittal Application
Electrical Contractors may to print this form out and bring it into the Office of Buildings. After coordinating with your electrical contractor to complete your application he/she may submit your complete application electronically at City of Atlanta Online. For technical assistance, have your electrical contractor contact the Bureau of Buildings Customer Service at (404) 330-6150

In person Submittal Application
Office of Buildings, 55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 3900
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday: 8:15 am  to 5:00 pm
Walk-in Permit Applications will be processed until 4:00 pm ***Cashier Window closes at 4:15 pm***
Residential Building Permits (404) 330-6150
Building Inspections Office: (404) 865-8400
Electrical Division: (404) 865-8400


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