Construction & Demolition Recycling March 8, 2013

A LIFECYCLE BUILDING CENTER is a community-based warehouse facility that directly assists the general public by identifying and implementing best practice green building-related concepts. As part of its non-profit mission, it may address all critical phases within the life use of the built environment planning, design, construction, use, adaptation, renovation and demolition and offer information, resources, materials and services to maximize opportunities within each phase. The heart of the LIFECYCLE BUILDING CENTER (LBC) concept is the establishment of a large-scale used building material facility that sells or otherwise directs collected material to the general public- in lieu of disposal. The sales revenue, foot traffic, and operational behavior of the facility are leveraged to enact the LBC mission and creatively serve the community at large.

Through an integrated and holistic mission-based approach, communities become more regenerative, healthier and generate economic and social wealth through the intelligent use and re-use of materials and the implementation of broader sustainability strategies.

The concept of a Lifecycle Building Center incorporates 3 repeating lifecycle phases associated with the creation of the built environment. Services offered within each phase are developed over time, and deeply subsidized as needed using eventual profit from used building material sales:


  • Residential Green Building Certifications
  • Design Reviews (resource efficiency, durability, non-toxicity)
  • Resources for Best Practice Construction Methods
  • HVAC Load Calculations & Technical Assistance


  • Weatherization & Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  • Resource-Efficient Remodeling
  • Mold/Moisture Assessments
  • Energy Audits


  • Material Reuse Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Grinding Deconstruction
  • Transfer Station Capture
  • Waste to Energy Resources
  • Composting

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