Atlantic Station Brownfield Redevelopment March 8, 2013

At Atlantic Station, you can find anything you want. The average Atlantan spends more time commuting to work than most anywhere in the world. Wouldn’t you rather work two blocks from home and shop around the corner? In Atlantic Station you will.Atlantic Station is the national model for smart growth and sustainable development.Picture a community with unsurpassed architectural quality, a fusion of functionality and finesse that combines an attractive mix of affordable, middle-income, and upscale housing with world class restaurants, theaters, and retailers.

Providing homes for 10,000 people, employment opportunities for 30,000, with shopping and entertain ment for millions more, this 24hour community will buzz with pedestrian traffic on its wide boulevards and the crowd of people in the sidewalk cafes and expansive parks. The result? A quality of life unmatched in the Southeast.

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