Our 5 stakeholder groups will inform and help to continually cultivate Atlanta’s sustainability efforts. They include:

  • Residents – Who inspire our work and individually impact change daily.
  • Non-profits – Whose advocacy and expertise helps to inform our work and spread our message.
  • Government – Including the City, and neighboring governments, whose collective environmental policies must complement, and whose resources we often share.
  • Industry – Whose footprint in Atlanta, and the region, impacts our natural resources and whose partnerships afford resources to causes that make Atlanta a community that sustains itself.
  • Academia – Whose expertise serves as the backbone for an informed generation of future, sustainability minded, leaders of this great city.

When Atlanta is able to leverage this framework with the wealth of resources across these stakeholder groups; we will then be able to maximize our impact on this city and those who enjoy it. Continuous collaboration will allow us to reshape Atlanta’s reputation as more than a southern city, but a leader in sustainability.