About P2C

Addressing sustainability of our cities is a complex undertaking, requiring an understanding and respect for the interconnected nature of environmental issues, and collaboration across all traditional jurisdictions, geographies and expertise. Meeting Atlanta’s sustainability goals requires complementary efforts at different scales, where everyone is relevant, everyone has a role and everyone has a responsibility to work towards the Atlanta we all want our children to inherit.

Power to Change aspires to present a clear path forward for us all in these endeavors: marrying national best practices with local context, leveraging the work of countless individuals and organizations (public and private) across many impact areas, and giving us all a sense of common purpose and accomplishment.

As Atlanta’s citywide sustainability initiative, Power to Change is the result of the contributions of more than 300 stakeholders across Atlanta, representing their neighborhoods, their schools, their businesses, their community organizations and their government agencies. The input, and ongoing commitments and actions of these individuals and organizations is what will make Power to Change live and breathe, turning goals, targets and initiatives into a better Atlanta.

Power to Change uses this framework to build a solid basis for measurable sustainability action around 10 impact areas, joining leading sustainability cities around the globe using this successful approach.